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* Are you taking new clients?/When will you be taking new clients? *

I am not taking new clients at the moment and the hard part is I am not sure when I will be. I can take new clients when other clients decide to no longer have me do their nails so it is spontaneous.

* Do you have a waitlist? *

I do not have a waitlist anymore. It kept growing and not being able to take people was making it difficult to keep track of and also just very overwhelming. If you want to try and get on my schedule, go follow my business page on instagram and Facebook. I keep everyone up to date through both socials and when I have an opening that cannot be filled with a regular I post to my instagram stories where it is a first come first serve basis. Getting one of these openings doesn't grant regular client privileges.

* Can I buy a Gift card? *

Yes, I sell gift cards but I do strongly suggest that you buy for someone I already see as I am not accepting new clients and I can't guarantee when they can be redeemed.

* Why is it so hard to schedule my appointment? *

I know it can get frustrating especially in the summer. My schedule is first come first serve. In the Spring/Summer, people tend to schedule multiple Services which fills my schedule faster. During holidays, people book out due to travel or expecting company. My vacations also disrupt appointments because people that are scheduled during that time have been relocated to a different time. Patience and understanding is always appreciated during these time periods.

Are kids/pets/friends/family allowed to come to my appointment?

The less distraction the better so we can stay on time and keep your hands still and nails fuzz free. My concern for kids are that there are expensive tools and furniture that can easily be broken along with sharp tools that can be dangerous. Well behaved dogs are more than welcome WITH notice to ensure safety of other pets.

What products do you use?

I use The Gel Bottle products that include ; Gel Color, BIAB, a couple of Money For Nails gel color and TGB cuticle oil. For products I use to treat the skin ; Farmhouse fresh, Footlogix, CND, and Seche vite.

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