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Suite Policies

Cancellation Policy

24 hour notice is required to avoid 50% cancellation fee. Any service that is missed with no notice will be considered a no show and will be asked to pay 100% for the services missed. Any Client that has a no show that is unpaid will have all future appointments declined/cancelled.

Late Policy

Things happen, You forget something, or traffic makes your drive longer. If you are running late please send a message to notify me. If you are running over 10 minutes late the service may not be possible to complete in the remaining time. First violation of the late policy will be forgiven; after the first violation you will need to cover service cost and may be asked to not schedule again.

General Suite rules

* Please be respectful of other people in the suite. If the atmosphere of the suite is altered due to a person's comments you will be asked to leave and not come back.

* If you have been sick in the last 72 hours with any cold or flu symptoms please cancel/reschedule your Appointment. If you appear ill at the time of our appointment we will need to cancel.

* You set the tone of your service. If you need a quiet service please don't hesitate to state your needs.

*Please be aware of the time you have reserved. All nail art needs to be requested in your appointment. Don't know how long something will take? Shoot me a message with a description and a photo reference.

* Have product from another salon on? Please schedule the proper product removal service. Free removals only apply to Glossy Claws Services.

Have more questions? Check out my FAQ page or shoot a message on one of the social medias

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