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For the Hands

Gel Manicure


The most popular nail service offered. Nail care and cuticle care helps prep the nail plate for a long lasting Gel polish. Service ends with cuticle oil and lotion.

Rehydrating Gel Manicure


This service has the two most popular products offered; Gel polish with the warm moisturizing treatment. This service has everything you need for the perfect manicure. Sugar or salt scrub and hydration from the cuticle oil, hand lotion, and the warm moisturizing treatment are provided with the hybrid polish that lets you leave dry so you can truly enjoy this lavish service.

Rehydrating Manicure


Regular polish is optional in this nice treat for the hands where we start with exfoliating with a sugar or salt scrub; from there nails are shaped, cuticles are pushed and trimed leaving the rest of the time for cuticle oil, hand lotion, and the warm moisturizing treatment.

Basic Manicure


This is your traditional Manicure. Nail care, cuticle care, cuticle oil, service ends with optional polish

Cuticle Care


Perfect for the working hands. Cuticles can sometimes take over the nail plate, causing discomfort and hang nails. After some cuticle taming the service is finished with cuticle oil and lotion.

Hard Gel Overlay

This service is to be ADDED to the basic manicure, gel manicure, or either rehydrating manicures. This is considered an upgrade for when nails get to the length where they need reinforcement. This services does not add length.


Hard Gel Nail fix

When you need a nail or two to blend in with the others when receiving a gel manicure.


* FREE Gel removal when product was applied from Glossy Claws *

*Any product removed from elsewhere starts at $15/15 minutes

For The Feet

Gel Pedicure


The pedicure that's a treat and you can leave without worrying about smudging and chipping. We start this service with prepping your nails for the gel polish, then soaking, buffing, exfoliating happen so your skin can really absorb the moisturizer and warm moisturizing treatment. The service ends where you can put on any type of shoe and you can enjoy your polish worry free until your next pedicure.

Mini Gel Pedicure


Yes! You can get a service that is the basics with the perks of leaving worry free of smudges and chips. Like the full Gel Pedicure you get all of the prep for a great gel application with soaking and exfoliation. Services ends with moisturizer and some perfect toes.

Flower Power CBD Pedicure

Feet feeling tired and sore? Rosemary Mint is the base to the CBD bath bomb that is in your tub for soaking. To keep the calm feeling going we use Honey Lavender Scrub and Mint Julep lotion to exfoliate and hydrate. Service ends with warm moisturizing treatment and polish.


Mini Flower Power CBD Pedicure

Want a dose of CBD but don't need the full service. This pedicure gives you a dose of CBD to help you relax but also lets you get the basics of a pedicure. A little treatment with a treat.


Citrus Glow Pedicure

Love the smell of fruits in your body products? This service has you soaking in a wonderful eucalyptus and clementine oil to soften and cleanse the feet. From there we do nail and cuticle care, scrub that smells like southern sweet tea to exfoliate the dead and dry skin. Lemon Cream lotion with a warm moisturizing treatment leaves your feet treated and ready for polish. 


Mini Citrus Glow Pedicure

Need something quick and uplifting? Get the nail care, exfoliation, lotion and polish of a full service but be out the door quicker looking fresh and clean!


Sweet Earth Pedicure

This service is for people who love the soft earthy tone fragrances. Soak, callus work, citrus grass scrub exfoliates for juniper ale oil and marshmallow root moisturizing treatment.


Mini Sweet Earth Pedicure

Earthy tones helps relax you in this shorter pedicure. Soak, citrus grass scrub, juniper ale oil. Polish optional.


Perked Up Pedicure

This is a great wake me up service for the feet. Caramel coffee scrub is the delicious exfoliation for the legs and feet after callus work. We soften the skin with a sweet cream lotion and marshmallow root moisturizing treatment. 


Mini Perked Up Pedicure

Need a quick pick me up? This shorter shot of coffee is great for waking up the senses while also getting the basics out of a pedicure. Caramel coffee scrub starts us off before sweet cream lotion


Queen Bee Pedicure

This is your moisture must have service. Honey Lavender scrub exfoliates dry dead skin after callus removal so we can start the moisturizing process with honey magnolia oil. For a deeper moisturizing treatment we put the iconic Honey heel glaze on, then we treat problem areas with the intensive sunflower honey butter.


Mini Queen Bee Pedicure

This mini pedicure is based around the honey products. Honey lavender scrub starts off the service where we add honey magnolia oil to moisturize the skin to end this shorter pedi service.


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